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    Bringing simplicity to complexity. In today's information overloaded world, simple is valuable. Fundamental understanding of the compliance infrastructure and advising on potential risk against practical solution is where we add value.

  • Flare Group Social Security and Labor Attorneys Firm is a family owned group of independent Social Security and Labor Attorneys bonded by a mother, Keiko Endo, and her daughter, Kaori Kamii. Kaori is married to a Social Security and Labor Attorney who is a partner at a global public accounting firm leading its human capital practice.


    The Firm was founded in 2014 when Kaori left the human capital practice of an international public accounting firm in Tokyo after 7 years of practice. She is a consultant at the Japan Telework Association and at TX Entreneur Partners. Flare Group specializes in the following areas.

    • Human capital management
    • Promoting work-style changes
    • Employment and labor compliance
    • Employer and employee relationships
    • Compensation and benefits
    • Payroll structuring and processing
    • Social security compliance
  • services

    Our service begins from understanding your business. Then we listen to your issues to explore ways we can assist you. Here are some of the FAQ we received and provided solutions to.

    • How are other businesses implementing remote working and changes in work styles?
    • What should we be concerned when taking disciplinary actions towards an employee?
    • Is our payroll structure and processing in compliance with applicable laws and regulations?
    • How does our compensation and benefits measure against industry competitors?
    • Are we taking advantage of international social security agreements?

    All services are provided via email communication and deliverable accompanied by a written memo.


    Our billing rate is JPY 20,000 per hour with standard fee per memo ranging between JPY 100,000-300,000 based on number of hours required to complete delivery of services. We generally spend 1-2 hours understanding your business, your issues and what you seek to accomplish. 1-2 hours are spent after delivery of written memo to address your follow-up questions and updating the memo as requested. We ask all prospect businesses and individuals to sign our written Engagement Contract prior to provision of actual services.

    Legal analysis and advisory on employment and labor

    Compensation and benefits review

    Payroll structure review

    Second opinion

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    Kashiwa-no-ha Compus

    Kashiwa-no-ha Campus 147

    227-6 Wakashiba, Kashiwa-shi

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